Length of Time to Cook Hardboiled Eggs

Published: 18th November 2009
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Frustrated with hardboiled eggs? Just getting the timing right can be very difficult for most people. If you are lucky your mother may have taught you how to boil eggs when you were younger. But how many of us really remember that?

Boiling eggs can be quite frustrating. A lot of us will want to make sure and over cook hardboiled eggs. Most people would rather have overly cooked eggs rather than a soggy mess. So most of the hard boiled eggs people cook will tend to be done too well

Overcooking hardboiled eggs gives us that gross green film that envelops the yolk of the egg. This makes the egg quite unappealing.

People have sworn about many a method in creating the ideal hard boiled egg. One of the fresher ideas is using the same amountt of water each time you cook eggs. You must also use the same amountt of heat and an identical container (preferably the same exact tone). Using this technique you can get the perfect hardboiled egg to your liking.

Put 2 to 6 eggs in the pan. Pour in about 1.5 liters of water in a pot. You can use any 1.5 liter soda bottle for this if you don't have the means to measure water. Bring the water to boil with high heat then put your stove on low to until the water just about stops to simmer.
Make sure your container is covered as you remove it from the stove. Wait for upto 15 minutes then transfer the cooked eggs into a bowl with cold water. You can also dump the hot water carefully and replace it with cold water, if you do not want to use another pan.Peel the eggs after a couple of minutes. If the eggs are not quite firm enough, you need to add a bit more time. Instead of 10 minutes you can add 3 minutes more. Keeping adding more cooking time if you find the eggs unsatisfactory. After at least three attempts you will surely get the perfect hard boiled egg for you.

Do not forget to use the same pan pot every single time and take note the amountt of water you use. Making sure you use the same amountt of water every time is the secret. Finally, it is imperative that you time exactly how long the eggs stay on the boiling water. An egg timer would be perfect for this.

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